• Amazing used Rolex Caprizi in Khobar, Saudi Arabia

    We are happy to announce the new listing of an extremely rare and collectable used Rolex Daytona Patrizzi, coming from a seller in Khobar, Saudi Arabia. This watch, or the Patrizzi, is known to have an original black dial which changes over time to brown on its own. An extremely rare feature that is sought after from watch collectors world-wide. The imperfection was first discovered in 2005 by Mr. Osvaldo Patrizzi, the Italian auctioneer. Scientifically it is due to the silver... See more

    Make a Smart Decision and use an Online Classified Store for Selling Your Used Watch

    Fancy some wrist essentials? Branded luxury watches that appear on the wrists of the rich and famous? The popularity of these mechanical wonders has been increasing daily due to the introduction of new online market technologies.  Only a few are lucky enough to incorporate these genuine timepieces into their daily lifestyle.  However, many are starting to access the luxury watch market. Like everything in life, nothing is eternal, including a person’s interest in an... See more

  • The Tank is on Sale! Breguet Marine Royale # 5847, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

    One of the oldest luxury Swiss watch makers and a pioneer of complicated movements such as the Tourbillon; Breguet was first founded in Paris 1775.  The first watch known to have been manufactured in 1810 was actually created by Breguet, so in essence Breguet is the creator of today’s wrist watch. The brand was then quickly admired becoming well-regarded by the elite.  Not only did it draw the attention of many famous royals such as Marie Antoinette, Breguet watches also made... See more

    Rolex Deepsea Deep Blue ref 116660, a Modern Living Legend

    A company known for its classic designs, Rolex usually creates traditional pieces.  Contrarily, Rolex has veered off that path with this design, and introduced a watch full of style and personality.  Available for sale in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia this beautiful Deepsea Blue Rolex.   The Deepsea watch is characterized with a 44mm wide stainless steel case, and is 18mm thick.  This capable creation is by no means discrete.  It sports a Sapphire crystal dial and... See more