How do I sell a watch?

1. Create an account.

2. Verify your account by going to your email and clicking the verification link, if you couldn’t find the verification email then look for it in the “junk mail".

3. Log into your account.

4. Click the “Sell your watch” button in the top right section of the page
5. Enter your contact information, watch’s details, pictures of the watch, pictures of the watch, box, and guarantee.
6. Press next.
7. Then choose your preferred payment option, either through credit card (Visa/Mastercard) or through bank transfer to one of our Saudi bank accounts.
8. That’s it!
9. Our Admin will review the add then approve it and it will go live
10. If you had any trouble please contact us either by email, phone, or WhatsApp

How much does it cost to post a watch?

It costs 1000 Saudi Riyals to post a watch. We don’t take a percentage of the sale price or any other fees.

How do I pay to post a watch?

You can pay by Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard), or Bank transfer to one of our Saudi bank accounts.

Can I post anything other than watches?

No, the site is specialized in watches only.

After I sell a watch, what do I do?

Log into your account and press on the “Mark as Sold” button. This will delete your contact details from the advertisement so that buyers won’t contact you anymore.

How do I buy a watch?

1. First you need to find a watch you like, that’s by narrowing down the search in the homepage by pressing the + sign. First arrange by your Country, then City, then Brand…
2. When you find a watch you like, press on the details button which will take you to the watch details
3. You will find the contact information of the seller in the bottom of the page
4. You can call or email the seller to negotiate the price or meet him/her
5. If the number of the seller does not appear that means that the watch has been sold.

Why can't I find the seller's number?

That means the watch has been sold.

I called the seller but he dosn't answer, what do I do?

Send him an email, you will find the email in the watch details page