• Make a Smart Decision and use an Online Classified Store for Selling Your Used Watch

    Fancy some wrist essentials? Branded luxury watches that appear on the wrists of the rich and famous? The popularity of these mechanical wonders has been increasing daily due to the introduction of new online market technologies.  Only a few are lucky enough to incorporate these genuine timepieces into their daily lifestyle.  However, many are starting to access the luxury watch market.

    Like everything in life, nothing is eternal, including a person’s interest in an acquired watch. There comes a time, when a change is needed and trying something new is sought. Liquidate any watch bought at a costly price into cash instead of leaving it lying around without wearing it. A brilliant solution would be to find a new owner who would appreciate it and be more than happy to pay a lesser tag price, thereby providing the possibility of avoiding a loss.

    We provide you with a practical solution, is an online website that will help you find a buyer for your watch.  Any buyer can search starting by the city then narrowing the search down to gender, brand, material… is an online-classified business that focuses on connecting buyers and sellers of used watches in Jeddah, Riyadh, Khobar or any other city in the GCC.

    The team at offers a simplified process to list a pre-owned lavish timepiece. The website does not interfere between the seller and buyer in any way, it is simply a platform that allows communication. It bridges the gap between the used watch owner/seller and the buyer. The watch seller is at liberty to set the selling price of the watch.  A one-time fee is charged for posting an add.  The cost of listing a watch is 100 S.R (Saudi Riyals).  Ultimately, once the watch is sold, a percentage of the sale is not coveted and the full payment goes to the seller.

    So, here is the process…

    A Straightforward Process to List a Watch

    • First, the watch owner or seller has to create an account at this classified online store. The seller fills in the information such as username, password, and contact information…
    • Then an activation email is received.  Kindly ensure it was not delivered to the spam folder.
    • Once the account information is completed, images of the watch, and an adequate description may be uploaded.  This should make the process of looking for a watch as effortless as possible for the buyer.  Moreover, pictures of important documents like the warranty and invoice are recommended to include.
    • With more versatile and advanced options on the site, a seller can monitor the number of visitors who viewed his watch on or if the post has been added to favorites.
    • Once, the seller has sold the watch, the account shall be updated and the status of the watch should be changed to sold. This will prevent further contact from future buyers inquiring about the post as the seller’s contact information would be removed.

    If you are looking for the best online platform to sell your pre-owned luxury watch, then keep on your radar.  You never know, you might like what you find and be a buyer as well! 

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