• Amazing used Rolex Caprizi in Khobar, Saudi Arabia

    We are happy to announce the new listing of an extremely rare and collectable used Rolex Daytona Patrizzi, coming from a seller in Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

    This watch, or the Patrizzi, is known to have an original black dial which changes over time to brown on its own. An extremely rare feature that is sought after from watch collectors world-wide.

    The imperfection was first discovered in 2005 by Mr. Osvaldo Patrizzi, the Italian auctioneer. Scientifically it is due to the silver content found in the organic varnish called zapon not being fully protected. Thus causing the dial to oxidize and progressively change from black to brown or even beige. 

    Rolex started manufacturing Daytonas in 1963. This watch appears to be a Mark 4 (MK4)(1993-1998). Past editions prior to this period had the number 6 digit upside-down, which could be confused as a 9 instead of 6. However, this watch comes from the first generation that Rolex had adjusted and the number 6 digit is displayed correctly.

    This watch has "T SWISS MADE  T" written in the bottom of the dial. The letter T stands for Tritium which was the material used for filling the hour markers. The MK4 edition was the last to use Tritium, afterwards it was replaced by luminova hence the MK5 does not have the letter T before and after SWISS MADE.

    One of the things that make this watch collectable is having the Zenith movement that Rolex stopped using when they started making their in house movement.

    This specific watch was purchased  approximately between 1995-1997. What makes this watch extra special is that it was purchased locally in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia from Al-Attar Authorized Dealer and all documents are available with the seller.

    You can see all these features if you zoom into the image of the watch. 

    It is currently with its owner in Khobar and he has listed it on The market values such a watch in the range of US$ 16,000 to US$ 20,000 depending on the condition of the used watch.

    A well maintained and delicately used Rolex is extremely hard to find. Daytona is the masterpiece sports watch that every collector must have. If you are an avid watch collector and don't have a Daytona, you should definitely buy this watch. Even if you have to sell your whole collection!

    Often, watch lovers want to buy or sell a used watch but don't know how to get the best price for their used luxurious watch. Reasons for selling a watch could vary from a change of taste to a need of cash.

    What ever the reason is; here at we believe that watch lovers should get a fair price for when they buy and sell used watches in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE.. etc. This is the main reason we're here.

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